Pilot G2

The Pilot G2 is one of the most popular pens developed by the Pilot Corporation. The Pilot G2 is one of the most classic icons in the stationery industry and the packaging of the pen says that it is the most popular gel pen in the United States. The design of the Pilot G2 incorporates a dynamic gel ink formula that provides for smooth writing and also prevents any smears due to sweaty hands or accidentally dropping of water on the writing.

The design of the pen also incorporates a contoured rubber grip that provides high levels of comfort even if the user is writing for long periods of time. The Pilot G2 is refillable and is also retractable allowing for acid free recordkeeping and documenting. The nib of the Pilot G2 comes in various sizes such as ultrafine which is 0.38 MM, bold which is 1.0 MM, extra fine which is 0.5 MM and finally fine nib point which is 0.7 MM in size. The Pilot G2 comes in a wide variety of colours such as red, blue, black, navy, green, purple, orange, Hunter Green, burgundy, caramel, turquoise, paint, teal, periwinkle and lime green.

Pilot G2

The overall look and finish of the Pilot G2 is one of the best in the stationery industry and most of the Pilot G2 pens come with a soft finish body made of plastic. However the plastic of the Pilot G2 does not feel cheap and does not have any sharp shards which might cause accidental breakage of the product. Hence the plastic body of the pen is simply designed with clean and smooth edges and comes with tinted barrels which match the colour of the ink. The clip system provided on theĀ Pilot G2 is quite solid with a bulbous end which finishes against the plastic body of the pen so that it can hold against the paper in a snug manner.

The clip system provided is also quite thick and does not snap in case the user pulls it a little too far. The clip of the Pilot G2 contains the company trademark of Pilot Corporation. Similar to the clip system the clicker on the Pilot G2 is quite smooth and makes a sharp sound when clicked to provide a feeling of efficiency. The sharp clicking sound can become quite addictive and many users will find themselves clicking the Pilot G2 over and over again. The pen comes with a nicely shaped contoured grip that extends down to the tip of the pen so that the user can get a comfortable grip of the pen.

The ink provided in the Pilot G2 pens is one of the best which flows smoothly so that the user does not have to suffer from skipping and jerky writing. There is no scratching is or skipping even on the 0.7 MM nib size providing for smooth writing. All the ink colours provided in the Pilot G2 pens flow well and do not wet paper. Even if the Pilot G2 pen is held at an angle it does not produce scratching or skipping allowing for a fantastic writing experience.


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