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Pilot G2

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The Pilot G2 is an icon and legend in the stationery industry. The pen has been around for many years and is used by many pen enthusiasts and also by other people who use the pen for the functionality and practicality provided. The design of the Pilot G2 incorporates a slim and sleek body with a rather big rubber grip that has been contoured to provide comfortable hold of the pen. The transparent body of the pen provides a clear view of the yellowish brownish substance at the end of the ink which adds to the appeal of the pen.

The ink provided in the Pilot G2 is the best and is extremely dark, reliable and flows in a smooth manner preventing jerky and scratchy writing. Even with the smallest tip that is the 0.7 MM fine tip the Pilot G2 does not disappoint in terms of smooth flowing of the ink. Many users have reported that even when the pen is held at an angle, the smooth flowing of the ink is not affected and the users have been able to enjoy a fantastic writing experience. The Pilot G2 is available in a wide variety of sizes for the nibs which can be used for both big handwriting and small handwriting without facing any problems.

Pilot G2

The clear casing of the Pilot G2 comes with a retractable mechanism and also has a contoured grip that matches the colour of the ink provided in the product. The contoured grip of the Pilot G2 measures just short of 5.75 cm providing for a comfortable and good hold on the pen. The biggest advantage of the clear casing is that the user can immediately understand the amount of ink that is left so as to purchase a new refill and keep it handy. The Pilot G2 comes in multiple and single packs costing a maximum of two dollars per pen.

The Pilot G2 is one of the most lightweight pens available in the stationery industry and according to the packaging of the product it is the most popular pen sold in the United States. One of the main advantages of using the Pilot G2 is that it can quickly adapt to different styles of writing and hence provides for a fantastic writing experience without any scratching or jerkiness. The soft finish body of the pen that is made of plastic does not feel cheap and instead feels quite sturdy and can be used by people who have a strong grip on their pen. Thus the product provides a experience that is highly positive.

Since the Pilot G2 is extremely common it can be purchased in numerous stores and in case you find yourself in an emergency without a pen you can be sure of walking into the nearest convenience store to purchase the product. The Pilot G2 provides a dependable and solid choice with a wide variety of choice in terms of ink colours and product colours. The clip and clicking system of the product is also quite sturdy which increases and improves the functionality and user experience of the Pilot G2.


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